Frequently Asked Questions

What is CanSkate?

CanSkate is a learn-to-skate program for all age groups. It is a nationally developed and tested program designed by Skate Canada. It is an excellent introduction to the basics of skating that are required for figure skating, hockey and ringuette.

Who can teach CanSkate?

CanSkate is taught by Skate Canada Professional Coaches and assisted, as required, by Program Assistants who have been trained by a Skate Canada Professional Coach in the club.

What is a Professional Coach?

Skate Canada Professional Coaches who teach CanSkate must be a registered Skate Canada professional coaching member, NCCP Level 1 certified or higher and have a valid first aid certificate.

What is a Program Assistant?

The Program Assistant is a skater from our STAR (test) or Competitive program who has been trained and has volunteered their time to assist the Professional Coach deliver the CanSkate program.

What is the proper attire?

The proper attire for a CanSkate participant is skates that fit, warm clothes that are easy to move in, mittens and a hockey-style helmet (no bike helmets please).

How do I know my child's skates fit?

In properly fitted skates, the heel should be snug and not rise up, the toes should not be cramped and the ankles should be supported (not lean in or out) when the skater is standing. As well, we do not recommend buying skates "to-grow-into" as this can cause injuries, make learning skills more difficult and cause the boot to break down faster.

My child is finished the program, now what?

Congratulations! Your child has now mastered the basics of skating and is ready to advance to the STARSkate program.

What is the STARSkate program?

The Skate Canada STARSkate program offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic figure skating skills in four different areas with the option of taking Skate Canada Tests. Figure skating skills are taught in group and/or private lesson format in the following areas: Artistic, Dance, Free Skating, and Skating Skills.

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